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Vision Problems

There are many different types of vision problems that could be affecting your eyesight. But, for the purposes of this guide, we will be focusing

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older female getting optometry visit for eye diseases

Eye Diseases

“Eye diseases” is a blanket term that refers to a host of diseases relating to the function of the eye. Below we describe some of

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Eye Conditions

There are many different types of eye conditions that could be affecting your eyesight or could have long-term consequences if not treated properly or promptly.

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Attractive female getting annual eye exam

Vision Correction

Vision correction is a general term used to describe a variety of optometric techniques for correcting less-than-perfect vision. For your convenience, we have included a

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Up-close contacts on hand


There are a number of reasons why you might prefer contact lenses to standard eyewear: a glasses-free look, hassle-free vision correction, wearing non-prescription sunwear and

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Lenses and Frames

Selecting your lenses and frames is a very personal choice. Highlight your features, play with color, and augment vision for different functions such as reading,

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